Cabarete Eco Hostel- where not only your dreams are green

What’s in a name?

Well, to us a name should describe what a concept is about, and to that end the name Cabarete Eco Hostel proclaims exactly what it is we have on offer. And for us, this simply means the ultimate eco-vacation destination in the town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

We’re all now far more aware of the impact each and every one of us has on the planet – and that’s why eco-tourism is now one of the ‘buzz words’ when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday destination. But what does eco-travel actually mean, and what makes eco-tourism in the Dominican Republic so unique?

First of all, we think that to qualify as an eco-destination, both the accommodation and surrounding area needs to exhibit a true dedication to Mother Nature and the planet we share. Take a look at the reasons we believe that our location offers one of the most unique destinations on the planet for an eco-vacation on our Why Cabarete? page.

Here we explain not only our green values, but also that of the people of the Dominican Republic as a whole. We tell you about the efforts our government has taken to ensure that the island remains a haven not just for humans, but for the diverse range of flora and fauna with whom we share our lives.

Our green hostel has been carefully designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Cabarete Eco Hostel is nestled in a privileged location, within walking distance of the town but in the most delightful and tranquil position at the edge of a stunning lagoon and national park.

Offering what we think is the perfect situation in which to de-stress, de-clutter and simply reconnect with nature – take a look at our About Us page to find out what makes Cabarete Eco Hostel the only real choice for budge eco-accommodation in the Dominican Republic.

The accommodation options at Cabarete Eco Hostel are designed to be both comfortable and affordable for anyone looking for a green hotel at an affordable price. To this effect we offer different lodgings and can cater for solo travelers, couples, groups or a family eco-vacation.

From our eco-cottage and bungalow, right though to a luxury 2-bedroom apartment, each has been constructed using only local materials and local labor, not to mention using the knowledge of artisans that have been passed down from father to son over the centuries. All of our different lodging options offer peace, a true opportunity to get back to nature and are described on our Accommodation page


We’ve done our utmost to describe the wonders of Cabarete Eco Hostel within the pages of our website. And of course, a picture speaks a thousand words, so take a browse through our photo gallery to see the wonders of Cabarete as an eco-destination for yourself.

But we also understand that sometimes you might have the need to ask some further questions – maybe speak to us to ensure that staying at Cabarete Eco Hostel will truly be the place for you to find yourself through the power of nature. Our Contact Us page gives you all the details you need to email, phone or write to us for a friendly and personal chat about your eco-vacation. After all, in the time starved world of the 21st century, you want to make sure that you’re treasured vacation time is going to be exactly what you’re planned it to be. So that’s why we’re on hand to answer all of your questions, not only about Cabarete Eco Hostel, but on all aspects of eco-tourism in the Dominican Republic.

We look forward to hearing from you.