El Choco Caves National Park

Visit a Dominican Village and the El Choco Caves National Park, Cabarete:
Experience the real Dominican Republic

Just a few minutes away from Cabarete Eco Hostel, we visit a typical Dominican village where you can see how the real islanders live. See inside some houses, taste some local food and have an authentic Dominican interaction that most visitors to the island never get the chance to see.

We then move into DR’s newest national park – El Choco, the edge of which is just a stone’s throw from the Dominican village.

El Choco national park covers 48 square miles (77.5 sq. kms) and comprises 23 percent of the country’s total land area. A protected area, it is easily reached and the main entrance is a mere 15 minute walk from Cabarete center. Here you will find lush pasture, jungles and a large lagoon, where a whole eco-system of Dominican flora and fauna thrive. Besides the rich variety of tree and plant life, various exotic birds live here, including the tiny Verlaine Hummingbird – the second smallest in the world. The park also boasts several hills that have been forced up from the depths of the ocean over the millennia, and are composed of ancient, weather worn coral reefs.

Most people visit to see the famous caves thar hide freshwater subterranean springs and pools that are large enough to swim in. Another attraction are the mysterious Taine Petroglyphs that were carved into the cave walls by the inhabitants of the islands thousands of years ago.

Part of the wonder of this tour is the opportunity to hike with us along unmarked trails, delving deep into the lush forest before heading into the welcoming cool of the caves to swim in the large natural pools. We’ll also show you first-hand the methods by which the local people collect the fruit of the palm trees, and you’ll also get the opportunity to taste their wonderful coconut milk.