Gri-Gri Lagoon

Gri-Gri Lagoon, Rio San Juan:
A nature lover’s paradise.

This extraordinary eco-system is about 45 minutes from Cabaret Eco Hostel. Gri-Gri is an emerald green, crystal clear fresh water lagoon that sparkles like precious jewels. This beautiful area is home to a huge variety of birds, butterflies, flora and fauna. Below the water tropical fish dart beneath the reefs, watched by the beady eyes of vultures that rest in the mangrove trees.

Keep an eye out for tree frogs as you enjoy a boat trip that winds beneath the many river channels that lie beneath the shady canopy of the mangrove forest. Your boat will pass beneath a natural stone arch to arrive at the unique El Caletón Beach. Here you can swim in the sparkling waters and rest awhile on the deserted sands. You’ll also get the chance to explore caves and swim in the crystal ocean waters of ‘La Piscina,’ a cove at the very edge of the lagoon.

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