Isabel de Torres in Puerto Plata

Isabel de Torres Nature Reserve, Puerto Plata:
A place where city and nature co-exist

This stunning nature reserve is approximately a 40 minute drive from Cabarete Eco Hostel. This 35 acre sub-tropical botanical garden is situated on a tropical mountain summit, with amazing views over Puerto Plata, the capital city of the north shore.

Ride the only aerial tram on the island that takes eight minutes to whisk you to 2,085 feet (855m) above sea level. Once there you can walk the trails accompanied by an abundance of reptile and bird life only found on the Dominican Republic, and discover a huge number of different species of orchids. Enjoy the spectacular views of the coastline way below, and if you listen carefully you can hear the tinkling sound of subterranean rivers and streams that bubble beneath your feet.

Overlooking the national park is a domed building. Atop is the statue of Christ the Redeemer – not unlike the one found in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The name of the port and mountain dates back to the time of Christopher Columbus when, on his first trip, named the mountain Monte de Plata. This was due to the silvery fog that often enrobes the mountain top – and the name has remained ever since.