SUP in Cabarete

SUP in Cabarete
(Stand Up Paddle Boarding)

SUP – or stand up paddle boarding – has become extremely popular over the past few years. And Cabarete Eco Hostel is the perfect location in which to discover it!

Here you can enjoy SUP either at the lagoon at the hostel – paddling right across to the national park, or you can do it on the open ocean at Cabarete Bay.

SUP is one of the best things for both training your body and clearing your mind. Step onto your board, begin to paddle and feel the stresses of daily life just float away. Forget everything, breathe the fresh air and allow the powers of the water to work their magic. Enjoy the view of Cabarete from the water, with the mountains towering on the skyline and the avenues of palm trees lining the beaches.

For pure serenity, escapism and becoming at one with nature – it sure takes some beating!