Surfing in Cabarete

Surfing – Cabarete
Playa Encuentro

Cabarete Eco Hostel is situated only 10 minutes from Playa Encuentro – one of the most famous reef breaks on the north coast, and known throughout the entire Caribbean for its warm, crystal blue waters and wave consistency.

The breakers of the Atlantic Ocean crash onto the north shore, with a north swell in the wintertime and a north-easterly swell in the summer. It’s the consistent break points of the waves that provide both lefts and rights all year round, and with different surf zones, Encuentro beach is ideal for all levels of surfer, from beginner to advanced.

For those who’re new to surfing you can sign up for a couple of lessons. Or why not take advantage of a complete course spread out over your vacation? Surf board hire is well catered for at our sister company, Cabarete Surf Camp Surf School, located right on the beach. Boards of all sizes and shape – in both epoxy and fiberglass – are available. We can offer lessons either privately or in groups, and these include everything you need to get into the water – including all your equipment, along with 30 minutes theory before you learn to ride the waves. And for those who’re more experienced, we can offer the tuition you need to hone those skills to bigger and better things.

The power of the waves; the energy of the water – it’s addictive in a way that’s almost indescribable. Once you’ve surfed the waters off Playa Encuentro you’ll understand why the beach has such a far reaching reputation.

If you tire of the pounding surf, this long and clear expanse of sand is perfect for horse riding or taking a walk. And if you fancy just chilling with a good book or listening to some tunes, then retreat beneath the shade of the many trees that provide shelter from the rays of the sun.

Getting to Playa Encuentro is simplicity itself. Catch the surf bus from Cabarete Eco Hostel that leaves every morning at 08:30 a.m., returning at 11:30 a.m., giving you the rest of the day to spend as you please. In addition, a new road has been built in recent years – known as the ‘Paradise Road.’ If you so desire, it’s a short bike ride from the eco hostel to Encuentro beach.